Terms and conditions

Payment schedule

Application deadline for the upcoming Summer program is March 15. Selection is competitive therefore make certain you adhere to deadlines.

There is an application fee of US$200 (which will be applied to the program cost) due with the completed on-line application form to secure the candidate’s space.This fee is non-refundable once accepted to the program.

Applicants will be notified within 5 days of their acceptance into the ESAC program.

The full payment will be due on March 10 or 10 days after the application is accepted if applying after this date. Late payment fee is $50.

ESAC accepts checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, money transfers and credit cards through PayPal (where available, additional 3% PayPal processing fee may apply). Please ensure the correct amounts are included. Make checks payable to European Study Abroad Center. If you require alternative payment plans please contact us at esac@goesac.com

Refund Policy and Schedule

The refund policy as outlined below will be strictly adhered to in order to ensure consistency and fairness.

  • If you decide to withdraw from a program, you must notify ESAC immediately in writing (esac@goesac.com).
  • $200 application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if you are accepted to the program.
  • The application fee of $200 will be refunded only if a candidate is not accepted to the program by ESAC.
  • If you withdraw before March 15, ESAC will refund all but the $200 application fee.
  • If you withdraw between March 15 – May 15, ESAC will refund 50% of the program fee.
  • If you withdraw after May 15, none of the program fee will be refunded.
  • If you require visa and the visa application is denied by the Embassy, ESAC will refund program fee, excluding the $200 application fee, upon receiving proof of visa denial.

ESAC recommends that all study abroad students consider trip cancellation insurance to cover items such as program fees, airline tickets, and travel-related costs in the unlikely event of a withdrawal from a program. Many travel insurance companies exist and each one has their own terms and exclusions. Some offer “cancel for any reason” supplements and might be of particular interest. (Please be aware that this type of coverage often requires that you purchase the coverage within 15 days of the initial deposit.) Even though ESAC does not endorse or recommend any insurance carrier, we have become aware of the following carriers that you might want to research for yourself.


Health Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance policy through iNext is included in the cost of the program for all students. This policy has no deductible. Find more details on iNext policy.

Travel insurance

All students are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance for the Program dates to be covered for personal property theft, personal liability or identity theft while participating in the Program. ESAC is not liable for any theft. Example of such insurance is CISI Personal Property and Liability insurance.

Flight disclaimer

ESAC reserves the right to change program dates or cancel sessions due to unforeseen circumstances. Participants should not purchase their airline tickets until 45 days out from the starting date of the program. In the event a program date will be changed or canceled, ESAC will notify all candidates immediately. ESAC will not be liable for unused tickets from a canceled program.

Transcript fee

Upon the successful completion of the program the first transcript is issued and mailed for free. All subsequent transcripts are issued for $25 fee. Please contact ESAC to request additional transcripts.

Class change fee

All class changes after March 15 require $150 change fee.

Late fees

Participation agreement and Supplemental information forms (including photo) are due by March 10 or 10 days after being accepted into the program if applying after March 10. The late submission fee is $50.
The late payment fee is $50.


All non-US and non-EU passport holders are responsible to check their visa requirements and restrictions. You are responsible to ensure that you have legal permission to stay in Schengen countries for the duration of your intended stay. If student needs visa to travel to Prague, ESAC will issue required visa support documents (Invitation letter, Proof of accommodation) only after student is accepted to the program and has paid at least 50% of the program fee. If the visa is denied ESAC will refund the program fee,  excluding the application fee, upon receiving the proof of visa denial.

Waver of Liability and Alcohol Policy

All participants will be required to sign “ESAC waiver of liability” in the event of great bodily harm or death due to unforeseen circumstances.

In consideration of the opportunity to participate in the ESAC SUMMER STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM, I hereby agree to the following release:

I hereby release and discharge European Study Abroad Center, LLC (ESAC) and their agents, officials, representatives, directors, faculty, and staff of/from ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, CLAIMS, DEMANDS, CAUSES OF ACTION, LOSS, DAMAGE, OR INJURY to person including serious injury and/or death which may result while preparing for or participating, or while traveling to or from such participation or preparation and property including lost or stolen personal property items on or during flights or from residence hall rooms or from VSE during the ESAC SUMMER STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM. I recognize the risks of studying overseas include:

• Foreign political, legal, social, and economic conditions, including strikes, civil unrest, war, terrorism, and criminal activity;
• Risks associated with travel to, from, and within one or more foreign countries (including bus and train and public transportation), including delays, cancellations, dishonor of reservations, loss of or damage to baggage or other property, injury to person (including death), or other accidents;
• Local medical conditions, including diseases not common in my home country, quarantine, public health conditions, or limited availability of medical services;
• Other circumstances beyond the control of ESAC. I have made my own investigation and I am willing to accept these risks.

I am aware of the risks of injury from participating in this Program and I hereby voluntarily elect to participate in the activities related to this program. It is the intent of the parties for this release to be binding upon the heir(s), next of kin, executor(s), distributee(s), and administrators(s) of the undersigned.

I understand that ESAC has purchased a health insurance policy through iNext on my behalf. The policy contains a one time Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit of up to $20,000. I also understand that I must pay out of pocket for my medical expenses while I am abroad and that those funds will be reimbursed upon my return to my home country. ESAC is not responsible for deductibles associated with this policy.

I understand that in the event of a financial emergency while I am enrolled in the ESAC program, I am fully responsible for my financial well being. I understand and fully agree that ESAC will not provide a loan and that I will be responsible for securing funds to cover my expenses for the duration of my stay in Europe (in the event of lost or stolen money, running out of money or other circumstances that impact my financial situation). ESAC does not make personal loans to students under any circumstances. ESAC is not responsible or liable for theft or damage to property in the residence hall. If a student has valuable items, they should be locked in the cupboards provided. ESAC nor its participants, nor the residence hall provider is liable if items are stolen or misplaced in the dorms.

Students are encouraged to protect their personal belongings by engraving the objects and retaining the serial numbers, make and model in a safe location, perhaps at home.  Students who are victims of theft or vandalism are encouraged to file a report with the police for insurance purposes.  ESAC and VSE accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items.  Students should obtain insurance for personal property, whether through a parent’s homeowner’s policy or a type of renters insurance.

ESAC students and interns participating in this four week study abroad program are prohibited from consuming alcohol. If caught consuming alcoholic beverages or being drunk, immediate suspension from the program will result. ESAC is not responsible for bad judgment including getting arrested or hospitalization due to dehydration from drinking too much alcohol. In a nutshell, consuming alcohol during this program is strictly forbidden.

I fully understand that in the event of serious injury resulting in death, that neither ESAC, nor its members, owners, faculty members, or employees, are liable. I have read this waiver and release of liability and understand that it is a full and complete unconditional release from and waiver of liability and indemnity for ANY injury I suffer whether caused by my or ESAC negligence. I freely and willingly agree with this instrument.

If an issue arises which I am unhappy about, ADR (alternative dispute resolution) will be sought in place of a formal law suit. An ADR selection will be made in the State of Colorado where the company is registered as an LLC and the ADR decision will be a final resolution. If the matter of an unpaid bill arises, I understand that I will incur the cost of collections.