What should I bring with me to Prague?

    • Bring your Passport and Driver’s License to use for ID (copy of passport in case you misplace it)
    • Bring your Student ID Card from your home university for possible student discounts
    • Bring your ICSE or ISIC Card (can be obtained through local travel agencies for about $35 and gets you student discounts to some museums, galleries and other entrance fees)
  2. Laptops are highly recommended but not required by ESAC for your courses. It is handy for keeping in touch with family and friends back home and it will make researching your travel destinations easier.
  3. Bring your camera
    • Get a high quality suitcase with wheels and bring only one piece, as you will be carrying your luggage throughout Europe and that means you carry it!
    • Bring 2 pairs of comfortable jeans and one pair of slacks, layer clothing, t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater as it can get cold
    • 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes, one pair of gym shoes, one pair of nicer shoes for site visits. No high heels!
    • One business outfit and one social outfit with you for those appropriate occasions
    • If you plan on traveling to a warmer climate, bring 2 pair of shorts and a bathing suit
    • Bring a backpack equipped with notebooks, pens and pencils
    • Acquiring guidebooks or maps of the region will also come in handy.

Bring enough clothing to last you for four weeks with out overdoing the load! Students will be responsible for the laundering of their own clothes. Laundry facilities are readily available in your residence hall (about $3/load) and Laundromats in Prague are inexpensive.

*Note: The clothing that you bring to the host country should reflect the weather conditions for the site during the term you will be working. In Central and Eastern Europe, summer can be anywhere from 50 degrees to 95 degrees (10 – 35 degrees Celsius). Prague can be very hot in July. It may rain so be sure to pack an umbrella or light raincoat.