How do I get reimbursed for medical bills?

Contact your Health insurance Assistance service. For iNext Travel/Medical Insurance coverage secured by ESAC, call Generali Global Assistance call +1 240 330 1548 or email to report your situation and they will assist with all medical and financial needs.

I would like to change my class – is it possible?

Yes, you can change your class registration. If you change your class registration after February 15 there is a “Class change fee” of $150.

Can I have extra transcripts issued?

Yes, we can issue an extra transcript(s) for an additional fee of $25 each. Contact ESAC directly to request an extra transcript(s). Your first transcript after you finish your classes is free.

What about cell phones?

– If you have so called “International phone” which uses SIM card and GSM you can bring it to Prague and use your provider’s International plan – check with your provider for details. – If your phone is unlocked you

Tell me more about the day trip to Kutna hora

Day trip to medieval city of Kutna hora is included in the cost of the program. We will leave in the morning on private coach and about an hour later will arrive to Kutna hora. It is an ancient silver

What are the details of the optional excursion to Vienna?

Will I be able to go out with the ESAC students in the evenings and at weekends?

Yes! Absolutely! You are included in every aspect of the program. You are invited to all ESAC events that take place throughout the four weeks. Please consult your schedule for the dates and times of the events. Since you will

Do I pay the program fee in one large sum?

Yes, you will pay the full amount once you are placed. First you apply and pay your $200 deposit. When you apply, send us your resume and a few letters of recommendation or references. Once we place you, then you

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

ESAC does not have scholarships but you can look at the ESAC website for additional resources on funding. Some are pretty good.

I know you said to apply early, but what is the deadline?

The deadline on the website is February 15. However, I would strongly advise that if you are serious about one of the internship slots, you try to make your decision by January 1. This summer we will place a limited