Is there a language requirement?

Nope, all in English.

How much more is it to stay longer and do a longer internship?

There will be no additional cost for extending your internship, except for your living expenses including your accommodation. You will have to extend your metro pass and you will need to secure housing accommodations at your cost. Most students go

Will I have any free time to do what I want, for example, go visit relatives in Germany?

You bet, there is one free weekend and you can always arrange time off directly with your site director. The internship Directors are usually very flexible. During the week, there are optional events to attend but in general, you can

Will I still get to go to all the businesses (such as Radio Free Europe and Ernst & Young) even though I am not in classes?

Sure, you can tell the intern site Director in advance what days and times you would like free so that you can attend the site visits. However, most interns find they would rather stay at work because the internship sites

Since I am not taking classes, is tuition deducted from the cost of the program? If not, what does that money go towards?

The cost of the internship summer program is the same as the academics because there is an internship placement fee and you are participating in every other aspect of the program (metro pass, accommodation, cultural events, orientation, insurance, trips). The

The website is based mostly on study abroad, is there a section for just internships that I may not be seeing?

We usually work directly with the interns because we only accept a few each summer (between 6-8). There is some basic info on the site for interns. The only difference in the website information for the regular ESAC programming is

What kind of companies would I be interning for? – international or domestic firms in Prague?

It depends on your area of interest. We have a number of well established relationships with law firms, consulting firms, management consulting agencies, hotels and non for profits. Once we know your area of interest, we submit your resume and

Do you have references of people who have used ESAC in the past for internships? Would I be able to contact any of them?

YES! You can contact Jackie: “I think this is the best opportunity anybody has ever given me, thank you! I have learned more in two days here talking to the Marketing Director at Holmes Place than I have for four

How can I pay for the program?

ESAC accepts checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, wire transfers and credit cards (through PayPal where available, additional 3% PayPal processing fee applies). Make checks payable in USD to European Study Abroad Center and mail them to: European Study Abroad Center

Do I need electric adapter in Prague?

The electric voltage in Prague is 220V and electric plug is C/E type. You can check your electric equipment if it is fit for 220V. If not you will need electric converter from 110V to 220V, otherwise you will need