What should I bring with me to Prague?

IDENTIFICATION: Bring your Passport and Driver’s License to use for ID (copy of passport in case you misplace it) Bring your Student ID Card from your home university for possible student discounts Bring your ICSE or ISIC Card (can be

Are my laptop and personal belongings safe in the residence hall?

Most thefts on campuses and in the residence halls are crimes of opportunity.  Yes, your personal items are secure in the residence hall as long as YOU always lock your door when you and your roommates are not there. All

What is the residence hall like?

Housing for this term is located in the residential neighborhood of Zizkov, in a recently renovated building, close to public transportation. Travel time from the residence hall to the classroom is about 20 minutes using public transportation. There are numerous

Are scholarships available?

ESAC provides a limited number of scholarships for students from emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, CIS, and others. They are granted on a competitive need basis. Students who apply before December 15 may request a scholarship in their essay.

How much extra money should I bring and how should I exchange it into Czech currency?

Prague is still relatively inexpensive in comparison to other European destinations. A rough estimate would be to bring along an extra $1600 to $2000 for spending money. Bring an ATM card and withdraw money as you need it. That is

Is the plane ticket included?

No, the cost does not include your plane ticket. If you check with STA Travel or other student travel agencies well in advance, they can usually help you secure a student discount rate. Remember, July is high season for flights

Do I need a visa for the Czech Republic?

North Americans do not need a visa for any country in Europe. If you are participating and you are not sure if you need a visa, you can check with the local Czech consulate in your country. They can advise

What if I arrive early or wish to extend my stay in Prague at the residence hall?

Students cannot check in to the residence hall until the program start day. However there are many reasonably priced hotels or hostels in Prague where you can stay before the program starts.  Students have to check out of the residence

What is the nightlife like in Prague?

Prague has an amazing assortment of restaurants, pubs, clubs, and discos. You can either settle in for a night at the opera or theater, or you can explore one of the many fine dining or more casual restaurants around the

Who do I contact if I need mental health assistance or therapy?

You will contact Dr. Veronika S. She is a licensed therapist with a PhD. from the United States. You will call her directly and arrange an appointment. Her office is located near IP Pavlova metro stop on Londynska street and