What if I get sick?

First, do not panic. Panicking will make it worse. Be calm and either go to the medical clinic which is our provider or call them and make an appointment to see the Doctor on staff, who speaks fluent English (appointments

Will I have any free time to go site seeing or travel independently?

Yes! We recommend that you take full advantage of your free afternoons and weekend to travel around the city of Prague or to nearby villages. Local advisors are on hand to offer you recommendations of some excellent site seeing.

What can I expect from my classes?

Traditional academic sessions are held on-site in modern classroom facilities, followed by lunch and afternoon class sessions. A small amount of prep work is required up-front as part of an on-line pre-departure session designed to ensure all students are adequately

When I arrive, will someone meet me at the airport?

Yes! If you arrive the day the program starts, we will be at the airport and provide you with a transfer to your accommodation. Upon arrival at the residence hall, receptionist will welcome you and help you check in. That

Will I have Internet access to keep in touch with family and friends while I am there?

There is Wi-Fi Internet access in the residence hall and on the campus and it is included in the program fee. You are not required to bring a laptop for the ESAC program, it is optional. If you choose not

How do I get to Prague?

The airport in Prague is Vaclav Havel Airport Prague (PRG), (formerly called Prague Ruzyně International Airport), which is located approximately 15 kilometers outside of Prague’s historical center and has daily connection from/to major European cities and some cities outside of Europe.

Is Prague a safe and user friendly city?

The beautiful capital of the Czech Republic remains one of the most popular destinations for students to participate in educational programs. It is a very safe place to travel and study and it is easy to get around either by

How do I know a program based in the Czech Republic is right for me?

This short-term study abroad program, based in Central Europe, is designed for college students engaged in business, hospitality and humanities. Students from anywhere in the world are encouraged to apply, particularly if interested in an internationally focused program.

What kind of students does ESAC accept?

ESAC accepts students who demonstrate that they are capable of studying and traveling overseas, meaning, we seek students who are curious, strong, independent, can cope with change and different environments. We want students who are flexible and can roll with