• Our programs are fully accredited by the University of Economics and transfer credit applies worldwide. Take 2 courses and earn 8 US credit hours
  • We are experts in the region (we know Europe well!!!)
  • We offer a high quality program at a fair price
  • We offer a variety of courses in International Business, Global Marketing, Human Resources and Hospitality
  • We recruit students worldwide
  • Our faculty are top notch experts with a sense of humor
  • Our local program advisors are knowledgeable, helpful and fun
  • Our residence hall is easily accessible and comfortable
  • We provide weekend excursions and optional trips at reasonable fees
  • We are focused on fun!!!
Interning in Prague was an exciting experience. I interned with V6 Ventures and really enjoyed my time there. My supervisor was a fantastic person to be around and the startup culture at K10 was completely unique. A great part of the program was the chance to explore Europe over the weekends and Prague during the week. The best advice I could give someone studying abroad is to travel as much as possible.

David Falcone, ESAC 2017


David Falcone, ESAC 2017

Interning in Prague was an exciting experience. I interned with V6 Ventures and really enjoyed my time there. My supervisor was a fantastic person to be around and the startup culture at K10 was completely unique. A great part of the program was the chance to explore Europe over the weekends and Prague during the week. The best advice I could give someone studying abroad is to travel as much as possible.
I just wanted to say that I'm extremely grateful for all the hard work you put in for the ESAC program. Thank you for allowing students get an indescribable experience with school, internships, and traveling.

Annick Song, ESAC 2017


Annick Song, ESAC 2017

I just wanted to say that I'm extremely grateful for all the hard work you put in for the ESAC program. Thank you for allowing students get an indescribable experience with school, internships, and traveling.

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Overall I am extremely happy that I got the opportunity to study abroad in an amazing city like Prague with an amazing program like ESAC. The Directors and staff made it easy to culturally immerse and study in a foreign place for the first time. I was extremely happy with my teacher and my classes. I also particularly liked the location of our dorms, which is just slightly outside of the city center, near shopping and restaurants. The dorms were up to date and clean and provided security through a front desk worker and a scan code system for security. I am thrilled that my first study abroad was through ESAC. The program helped and encouraged me to immerse myself in the Prague and Czech culture. Tessa Wright , USA

I had a wonderful experience studying abroad in Prague! The city had a unique mix of a historical and modern atmosphere, from being in the Zizkov TV tower in the morning to hanging around Charles Bridge in the evening. The ESAC crew made it even more memorable by putting context to everything and really taking care of all the small details from living to classes to trips. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience there! Thank you again for everything Dr. Zamastil and your amazing team! It was a pleasure being with you all in Prague and getting to experience the Summer there. Lama Alqasemi , USA

Thank you so much for all your help and running this program. You guys really did a great job and gave me an opportunity to kick start my career in accounting that I couldn’t get anywhere else. It was a great summer and my internship was fantastic! Peyton Keen , USA

“Studying abroad allowed me to expand my worldview, appreciate different cultures, meet new friends, and enrich my life. Eight countries, seven languages, and six currencies while traveling via trams, trains, boats, planes, cars, buses, and metros were all a part of the experience. I’ve seen castles, cellars, a dragon’s lair, palaces, churches, mosques, fountains, mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and a sad concentration camp. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given; however, my journey this summer has come to an end. I’m excited to get back to free bathrooms and free refills on water. I’m excited to see family and friends. I’m coming home!” Eric Biel, USA

“I was lucky enough to participate in ESAC’s program this past summer. Seeing as I had never left the country, studying abroad was both scary and exciting. The staff and the advisors made the process seamless. I felt comfortable the entire time, and I knew that my program was wholesome. Prague is a wonderful city to study in, it is young and vibrant while also so full of history. I would suggest the ESAC program to anyone interested in study abroad.” Elizabeth Settambrino, USA

“ESAC was unbelievably supportive in helping me with my internship and course selection. My internship for the Lobkowicz Collections was a fantastic learning experience. This internship would be great for any future art history/ history/museum studies/ or historic preservation majors doing a study abroad program. All the people I worked with were very nice and tried their best to help me learn things about the museums I worked in. During my time working for the Lobkowicz Collections, I split time between the Nelahozeves Castle and Lobkowicz Palace taking part in an important documentation process that aided the collection. My main duty was to photograph the graphics depository at Nelahozeves and then to digitally name and file these photos the next day at Lobkowicz Palace. This was used internally by the directors of the collections to see instantly what certain objects were as they were no prior photos. Veronika Wolf, my supervisor, was easy to work with and to work for. All in all this internship could not have suited my interests better as an art history and history major this will look good on my resume and provide me with valuable career experience. Thanks ESAC!” Tyler Houston, USA

“As an nontraditional college student, working and going to school full-time, I thought I’d seen everything pertaining to the “college experience”. I could NOT have been further from the truth. This experience has truly shown me what I am not only capable in the classroom, but outside of it as well. Being placed in a completely foreign environment forces you to not only step out of your comfort zone, but to nurture and challenge what you thought were your limits. Being able to be a part of the ESAC program has completely changed me as a student, be that in a classroom or in a completely different culture. Once I cross that stage, ill-fitting gown and all, I can look back and know that ESAC was a major part of MY college experience.” Manuel Ramos, USA

“I would honestly say one of the most enlightening trip of my life. I’ve always loved traveling to other countries and experiencing new cultures and I’m so glad I made the decision to study abroad in Prague. I’ve learned a lot about myself and those around me. I’ll forever cherish the memories I’ve made and the things I’ve learned along the way. If I could, I would do it all over again. Needless to say, I highly recommend this program to all students. It’ll change your life. It’s a beautiful country with so much to offer. Just bring a good attitude and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful stay.” Ashuni Abdul, Kenya, ESAC 2014

“I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore Europe through such a great program. Playing lacrosse internationally with Global Players and studying abroad in Prague with ESAC has been amazing. Myself along with the other Global Players appreciated the freedom we were given on this trip. I’ve grown so much as an individual through my travels and have gotten an education that far exceeds anything I ever learned in a classroom. I truly mean it when I say that these past 4 weeks have been a life changing experience. Thank you again for the great memories. Hope to stay in touch.”  Clara Osmont, USA

“This program is an incredible intercultural and educational opportunity. The professors were fair with the assignment workload to allow us plenty of time to explore Prague and other European countries without compromising the educational value of the courses.” Juan Suárez Sandino, Colombia, ESAC 2013

“I want to thank everyone in the ESAC program for the opportunity to participate in your program. I was able to intern with a prestigious company and explore the wonders of Prague and the Czech Republic. Thank you ESAC for all of the memories!” William Hetherington, USA, ESAC 2013

“The experience I had in Prague is an unforgettable one. The internship gave me the opportunity to enlarge my professional skills and challenged me in my given tasks. Especially for me as a non Native English speaker it gave me an opportunity to use my English in a business surrounding. I am glad about the cultural experiences I had, the friends I made, coming from all over the world and the moments I share with them.” Constanze Hoenel, Austria, ESAC 2012

“I would say that my experience was everlasting! I will never forget the friends I gained, the knowledge I gained, the aspects I gained and most of all the appreciation of other cultures.” Amber Mitchell, USA, ESAC 2012

“Prague was truly an experience of a lifetime. The city will always hold a special place in my heart. Kristine, David, and the professors at the VSE make it a point that your time in the heart of Europe is one that you will not soon forget.” Nicholas Rapisardi, USA, ESAC 2012

“There is no way to truly put an experience down in words, and even a picture worth a thousand falls short of the real thing. The reality of being in a different culture and experiencing their language, customs, and way of life is something you simply must do to understand. Thankfully, Prague isn’t going anywhere I would not recommend missing it for the world.” Mara Owen, USA, ESAC 2011

“When you decide to take a risk, you will only grow into a better version of yourself. Joining ESAC for the 2011 Prague trip was the greatest and most beneficial experience of my life. From the site visits and historical education to the networking opportunities. The relationships that I built were priceless! A once in a lifetime opportunity will provide me with the contacts and experience needed to succeed! Thank you so much ESAC for changing my life forever!” Lynnzi Winslow, USA, ESAC 2011

“I decided to fulfill my international experience with ESAC Summer 2010 because it offered me both an interesting class and internship. The International Business class I took broadened my international business and European backgrounds a lot. I made many new friends from the program as well. We had so much fun together and it was a great experience.” Jirawadee “Eve” Ratanapaitoonchai, Thailand, ESAC 2010

“Through ESAC, I was able to discover a true European experience in a uniquely distinct place. The classes, business visits and activities made the ESAC study abroad program hands-on and impactful.” Jake Appelbaum, USA, ESAC 2010

“Thank you for everything! ESAC was really a great experience for me, especially being my first time ever living with roommate and being on my own to make decisions and even doing my own laundry! Like you were saying at our last dinner, some people grew from this experience, and I think I was definitely one of them. I feel like I am a different person and I am more comfortable with moving away to college on my own now.” Javier Diaz, Mexico, ESAC 2009

“ESAC is an incredible program that really strives to bring a worldly experience to students! I loved the fact that we were able to spend a balanced time in class and as well as have free time for ourselves. This was my first study abroad experience, and I definitely learned to be independent and get a real outlook on how life is in Europe. I had such a blast on our excursion to Berlin as well because we were able to see two complete different worlds but yet see how everyone is so connected. I am a marketing major, and this program really taught me things I would probably never learn inside a classroom in the U.S. It’s all about the experience and Prague is the absolute best city to do it in!” Natasha Raju, USA, ESAC 2009

“How many students can say, “I spent a month studying in Prague”? Well, ESAC provided me with the opportunity to study abroad and have a blast! I not only had the opportunity to get a head start on college, but got a head start on my development of understanding cultures and outlook of the international business ring.” Evan Grunberger, USA, ESAC 2009

“My time in Prague this summer marked my third go at study abroad and, though I am sure I said the same after each of my prior two trips, my experience with ESAC was by far the best, nearly perfect in fact other than a bit of odd weather. To start, Prague is a wonderful city, one with as many beautiful sites as there are spires. From famed Charles Bridge to Karlovy Lazne there are countless things to see and do. Prague’s location, within a day’s travel from many other European capitals, is also very appealing; in just a month’s time, I was able to visit five countries. As for the classes themselves, while they are informative, at the same time they are not overly demanding and leave much time free. I have left for last the aspect of my trip that had the most profound impact on me and that was the people I met. Coming from all corners of the Earth, our group of nearly 30 students bonded instantly. Within a few hours of meeting each other, we found ourselves wandering the city, relying on recent strangers turned friends to navigate through a city unfamiliar to all of us. We took classes together, travelled together, and even went skydiving together. It was an incredible month and one I will never forget. ” Hanne Anderson, USA, ESAC 2008

“ESAC is one of those things you may do once in your life, but you will remember forever. A beautiful city, nice people, interesting classes, a great program…an absolutely amazing experience!” Brisa Villalobos, Mexico, ESAC 2008

“Every time I remember the time spent in Prague, I feel like I want to go back 🙂 I want to thank you for the opportunity you give to students from different countries and cultures! The program was really well-prepared and introduced us to “Real” International Business, through the site-visiting to Deloitte, DHL, Ernst & Young, and other companies we choose to visit. One more thing is that ESAC was not only for studying but it was also for FUN and so many positive memories! I still remember the amazing race with so many emotions :)))” Dinara Bimukanova, Russia, ESAC 2007

“The program was excellent. I was able to participate in an independent course of study related to graphic art and computer design. The advisors assisted me with getting into see local businesses which was extremely valuable. I just wanted to say thank you again for this wonderful experience and hope that I can return to Prague soon!” Paul Fuschino, USA, ESAC 2006

“The ESAC program was Amusing, Absorbing and simply Awesome! I not only learned a lot, but I met friends from all over the world.” Krystyna Volkova, Ukraine, ESAC 2006

“Last Saturday all the girls that went to Prague this summer met together to talk about Prague and our experience in Europe. It was excellent to think about all the things we did while we were there! I just wanted to say how thankful I am to you and all the people that made our trip so interesting and exciting. That was my best summer ever! I made new friends, I keep in touch with Michael (the short one:)) and we are planning to visit each other next year.” Saiya Yesmurzayeva, Kazakhstan, ESAC 2006

“When I spoke to you last I was in the process of applying to several MBA programs and had asked if you (Dr. Zamastil) would do me the honor and write a reference letter for my application process. I did in fact get into graduate school for this fall! In total, I applied to 7 different schools across Europe and got accepted into 6 of them! I am sure it had to do with my academic program with ESAC during summer 2005. It was an amazing opportunity. After much thought and deliberation I am pleased to say that I will be attending the International School of Management in Paris to complete my MBA in the fall. I am very excited for my future endeavors and thank you deeply for being such an incredible reference!!” Nicole Peerless, Canada, ESAC 2005

“Traveling abroad helps you break down preconceptions, whether good or bad, that you may have about different cultures and countries before actually experiencing them. It opens your mind, shows you what different countries are really like, and is so important for a college experience. The ESAC advisors were excellent, very polite and respectful to students. They literally walked us through every step of the way if and when we needed assistance.” Davyd Smith, France, ESAC 2004

“I would have to say that I have gained a new awareness for different cultures. It definitely helped to actually experience them in reality rather than in a text. There are so many diverse individuals within the world its surreal. Its a big world out there, and we’ve been taught since freshman year to have this ” boundary-less attitude” I can now see the importance of it. I have also learned that, especially when studying our major, you have to be very open-minded and see know boundaries, just see and respect the differences.” Laura Cases, USA, 2003

“My international experience will affect me the rest of my life. I have a better understanding of culture and how the world works [that] will benefit me as I enter the work force. The extensive travel and experiences that I had are truly invaluable to my personal development. I guess that this experience has shown me the true meaning of experiential learning.” Deb Baruela, USA, 2003

“I have gained a profound and real understanding of humanity as a whole. My exploration of Europe has enlightened my spirit and my desire to visit other regions of the world. The visits to businesses were extremely valuable.” Gus Posse, Colombia, 2003

“This program is the best way for us as students to understand, respect and work with the cultures we encounter. We can learn how to and how not to do business in other countries by reading it in a book, but we won’t remember all of it until we put it into practice. Professor Zamastil was excellent and her class was highly relevant and up to date. She also provided us with amazing opportunities for networking in industry and she even helped me to set up an internship for summer.” Jennifer Muchow, USA, 2002

“Overall, it’s just been an incredible experience. Just so many different things, cultural experiences that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere else, from just learning in the classroom and what-not. Just like the sights we could see with our own eyes, and not through pictures. Trying to communicate with other people that don’t speak the same language that we do, trying to find our way around places, getting lost. I think that it is just all an experience that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere from just talking with somebody in a classroom and them telling us and explaining to us what it feels like. You have to use your senses . . . worry . . . and get scared, and do all that on your own or else it’s not an experience.” Juri Morioka, Japan, ESAC 2002

“As with all places in the world there are going to be problems that usually a causal observer would not see, but with inside knowledge and insightfulness, I have been able to probe deeper into the culture of the Czech people and really get to know them better. Even in the last day I met two students from Slovakia and we were talking about their country and some of the things that they will need to fix to make it a better place to live in. In the states I normally wouldn’t get this kind of opportunity to speak to such individuals.” Mark O’Conner, Ireland, ESAC 2002

“Some specific skills I gained as a result of this experience are how to communicate effectively with other people and think more globally. I also have a greater appreciation for foreign cultures and the fact that because something is different, it doesn’t mean it is wrong. To elaborate more on communication: I feel that I understand how to contact people better and make appointments. I have learned that in some places in the world, email doesn’t work but rather a mailed letter [is needed] to set up a meeting. Also being in an interview type setting during site visits, it is important to be prepared and be able to be understood by the person you are seeking information from.” John Roussety, England, ESAC 2001

The Founders of the European Study Abroad Center are committed to providing students from all over the world a chance to study in a foreign country at a reasonable price. Dr. Kristine Zamastil has been living and teaching in the Czech Republic for over 20 years and has been facilitating study abroad for the majority of her career in higher education. David Vondra, a Czech native, is a historical expert in Central Europe, namely the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary & Germany. This part of the world offers an abundance of historical sites, well-preserved villages, beautiful architecture, diverse cultural activities and an advanced business environment. It is the perfect place for a short-term study abroad opportunity in both business and humanities.

Zamastil and Vondra founded ESAC in 2004 and have since hand-picked their team from all over the world, with dynamic professors and local experts who assist with every aspect of the program. Together, their goal is to ensure students international experience is educationally significant and culturally meaningful.

“We strive to get as many students involved in this unique study opportunity as possible. With an international experience on their resume, today’s college student becomes tomorrow’s cultural ambassador.” Zamastil – 2004