Internship Abroad Programs

An international experience with a company really sets you apart from the mainstream.

"Through ESAC I was able to have an international internship and take a class that transferred to my college all while I got to experience the beautiful city of Prague. It was the most amazing summer I could ask for!"
Katherine Wester
USA, ESAC 2011

To apply:

Go to the application page and complete the online form and submit it electronically. Have your resume ready to upload with the application. At this time, you will also submit your $200 application fee. We will then submit your resume to different firms here in Prague to get you approved. This will only take a few days and you will be all set.


Choose duration in 4-week sessions (combine sessions for 4, 8 or 12 weeks duration):

Spring 2020
Session A: February 2 – February 29
Session B: March 1 – March 28
Session C: March 29 – April 25

Summer 2020
Session A: May 30 – June 27
Session B: June 28 – July 25
Session C: May 30 – August 22

Fall 2020
Session A: September 6 – October 3
Session B: October 4 – October 31
Session C: November 1 – November 28


Rooming 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks
Single room
Double room - double occupancy

Note: Payment is due 90 days prior to the start of your Internship.

Internship Fields:

What is included:

Basic information:

All internships are based in Prague, are conducted in English and run from 4-12 weeks. It is important to note that we have many students who wish to conduct internships and spaces are limited so it is quite competitive. However, if you apply early then it should not be a problem to secure a spot with your first choice of organization. All Interns will live in fully-furnished apartments located in the center of Prague.

Note: Internships are not for academic credit.

Frequently asked questions about Internships

It depends on your area of interest. We have a number of well established relationships with law firms, accounting and consulting firms, management consulting agencies, hotels and non for profits. Once we know your area of interest, we submit your resume and arrange a placement. Some are Czech firms but most of them are international companies.

All sites are well established and have been hosting our interns for many years. Some sites are very formal, such as KPMG and require business attire and very professional behavior. Others are more casual, shorts can be worn and the atmosphere is more relaxed with flexible hours, such as restaurants and some hotels. All sites require fluent English.  All sites are centrally located in Prague near public transportation.

We do not offer official academic credit however, we can issue you a letter stating the number of hours and your responsibilities and in some cases, you can take this back to your institution and seek credit. Ask your adviser at your home university beforehand if you want credit and find out what the process is for obtaining the credit without a transcript.

The cost of internship covers the placement, housing, public transportation pass, airport pick up, health insurance and an emergency phone number to a local adviser. This covers your placement with the company. Flights, meals and personal expenses are not covered. This is not an all-inclusive program,

Finance, Accounting, Law, Hospitality, Restaurant Management, Business, Management, IT, Media and Entrepreneurship posts.

You bet, there are several free weekends and you can always arrange time off directly with your Site Director. The internship Site Directors are usually very flexible if you give them advance notice.

The internships last from 4 weeks to 3 months. You may stay in Europe for 90 days without a Visa. You select the sessions you wish to intern, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks.

Nope, all ESAC internships are conducted in English.

For summer, the deadline on the website is February 15, 2020. However, we would strongly advise that if you are serious about one of the internship slots, you try to make your decision in November because most sites will be full by December.

For placements during the academic year, there is rolling applications so you can apply anytime.

ESAC does not have scholarships but you can look at the ESAC website for additional resources on funding. Some are pretty good.

All apartments are high quality, centrally located and fully furnished. The apartments are usually shared but one bedroom and studio units are also available for an additional fee. Each building has its own Property Manager who you will be in contact with if there are any problems with the apartment. You will contact them directly for maintenance issues. The Property Managers have full discretion over guests. If you break their apartment policy, such as violating quiet hours, having parties or causing damage to the building or the unit, they may remove you from the premises. ESAC has no control over this and you will be responsible for securing your own housing elsewhere at your cost, no refunds will be given for dismissal from the apartments.

YES! You can contact Kristin Johnson or Lama Alqasemi